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The Poster Session
The posters will be exposed from Wednesday, 4th at 9:00 a.m., to the end of poster session i.e. till Thursday, 4th at 18:00.

The maximum area available for poster presentations is 1.0 m wide x 1.4 m high. Poster panels will be marked with numbers correlated with the Abstract Booknumbers. The title, authors' names and affiliation(s) should appear at the top of the poster. All posters should be in English. Posters will be attached to display panels by double-sided tape provided by the Organizers.

Below is the index of poster numbers, names and titles which will oblige during the conference poster session.

P01 M. Białoskórski, J. Rybicki
Tensile Strength of Carbon Nanotubes
P02 M. Bobrowski, J. Dziedzic, J. Rybicki
Learn on the Fly. Fitting for Quantum-Classical Hybrid Particle Methods for Metals
P03 J. Dziedzic, J. Rybicki
Combining Molecular Dynamics and Tight Binding to Study the Nanoindentation Process
P04 N. Guskos, G. Żołnierkiewicz, A. Guskos, P. Dallas, D. Petridis
Concentration Dependence of Free Radicals/Magnetic Agglomerates on EPR/FMR Spectra
P05 T. Halamus, P. Wojciechowski, I. Bobowska
New Preparation Method of Titanate Nanosheets from Complex of (Tetra-Isopropyl) Orthotitanate Modified by Methacrylic Acid
P06 K. Hałagan, P. Polanowski
Spinodal Decomposition Phenomenon in the Ising Model within the Dynamic Lattice Liquid (DLL) Model
P07 J. Jung, P. Polanowski
Special Purpose Parallel Supercomputer Based on the Dynamic Lattice Liquid Model
P08 M. Kempiński, M. Śliwińska-Bartkowiak, W. Kempinski, H. Drozdowski
Influence of Molecules Adsorbed in Pores on Charge Transport in ACF
P09 P. Knychała, M. Banaszak, N. P. Balsara
Computer-Simulated Nanostructures in Sulfonated Block Copolymers
P10 M. Kowalik, K. W. Wojciechowski
Free Energy of Hard Dimer Solids Revisited
P11 T. Kozioł, M. Śliwińska-Bartkowiak
Critical Behavior of Nitrobenzene: Alkanes Systems
P12 K. Lewandowski, M. Banaszak, M. Radosz
Off-Lattice Simulations of Multiblock Copolymer Chain in Selective Solvent
P13 S. Mahlik, M. Grinberg, E. Cavalli, M. Bettinelli, P. Boutinaud
High Pressure-Induced Luminescence Quenching of YVO4:Pr3+
P14 B. T. Maruszewski, A. Drzewiecki, R. Starosta
Amplitude Distribution of Magnetoelastic Waves in a Superconducting Layer
P15 B. T. Maruszewski, A. Drzewiecki, R. Starosta
Nonlinear Kinetic Processes in Type-II Superconductor Vortex Field
P16 B. T. Maruszewski, A. Drzewiecki, R. Starosta
Properties of Magnetoelastic Waves Propagaton in a Vortex Array in a Superconducting Heterostructure
P17 B. T. Maruszewski, T. Stręk
Ferrofluid Flow in a Channel with Auxetic Walls
P18 N. Guskos, M. Maryniak, J. Typek, P. Podsiadły, U. Narkiewicz, E. Senderek, Z. Rosłaniec
Temperature Dependence Study of Low Concentration FMR Spectra of Nickel Magnetic Nanoparticles in PBT-PTMO
P19 I. Pełech, U. Narkiewicz, W. Arabczyk, M. Woźniak, K. J. Kurzydłowski
Studies of Hydrogenation of Nanocarbon Materials
P20 J. W. Narojczyk, K. W. Wojciechowski
Two-Dimensional Model of Asymmetric Molecules Exhibiting Negative Poisson's Ratio at Zero Temperature
P21 P. Polanowski
Parallel Simulation of Random Fractal Growth Using Dynamic Lattice Liquid (DLL) Model
P22 B. Ratajczak, M. Śliwińska-Bartkowiak
Apparent Critical Point in m-Nitrotoluene with Alkanes: Experimental and Simulation Study
P23 N. Guskos, E. A. Anagnostakis, G. Żołnierkiewicz, J. Typek, A. Biedunkiewicz, P. Figiel, A. Guskos, K. Karkas
Spin Reorientation Processes in (TiCxN1-x-Si-(C-N))/C System
P24 A. Witkowska, E. Principi, A. Di Cicco, S. Dsoke, R. Marassi
Structural Changes in Pt Nano-crystalline Operating as Cathode Electrocatalyst in PEM FC: in situ XAFS
P25 S. Wołoszczuk, M. Banaszak, M. Radosz
Bicontinuous Nanostructures in Computer-simulated Solutions of Diblock Copolymers
P26 N. Guskos, G. Żołnierkiewicz, J. Typek, D. Sibera, U. Narkiewicz
EPR and FMR Study of ZnO-Fe2O3-ZnFe2O4 System
P27 M. Jażdżewska, M. Śliwińska-Bartkowiak, K. E. Gubbins, Liangliang Huang, M. Bazarnik, P. Biskupski, M. Cegiel, S. Mielcarek, R.Czajka
Phase Transitions of Liquids in Carbon Nanotubes; STM Characterization of CN
P28 K. Wiśniewski, B. Kukliński, Yu. Zorenko, V. Gorbenko, M. Batentschuk, M. Grinberg
Spectroscopic Properties of Mn2+ in Single-Crystalline Thin Films

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